Monday, March 31, 2008

I love New England!

I grew up in New Hampshire and went to school at Syracuse. New York was fun, but I'm so happy to be back in New England because there's so many things I love about it! Most importantly, my family:

But there's lots of other stuff I love too, like the beautiful beaches,

the White Mountains, Martha's Vineyard, Fall Foliage, the Deerfield Fair, Boston, and of course, my favorite New England food (okay Maine): LOBSTER!!!!!

Of course I love lots more things about New England and I'm looking forward to writing about them all later! I'm still getting used to this blog stuff and I want to make it look much cooler, I just don't know how yet. I'm excited that I started my blog and I want to work on it more, but I have to go to bed. haha. Good night!

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