Monday, April 7, 2008

I love blogs! :)

I know blogs have been around for a long time now, but I've only recently realized how interesting they can be! I'm always looking for new stuff to read on the internet and blogs have opened up so many new options for me. It's cool how they can be about all different topics, and sometimes I never know what I'll enjoy. One blog I've been reading lately is Meghan McCain's blog, Even though I'm not voting for her dad, it's cool to read about her and her life on the campaign trail. It's sort of like watching The West Wing. I particularly liked her posts about New Hampshire.

I recently discovered design blogs and I've become obsessed! I love decorating my apartment and finding cool new places to shop, so these blogs are perfect for me. It all started when I read an article on by Holly Becker and happened to click on the link to her blog, She writes about tons of decorating ideas (many are inexpensive), and cool places to shop. Plus, she lives in Hollis, New Hampshire so there's lots of references to the Boston area. On decor8 there's a list of links to design blogs written all over the world and so many of them are super fun to read!

I think the best part about blogs is that anyone can have one. Like when my friend Rose rode her bike across the country, I could read about her progress the entire way. Her blog is
. I can't wait to find more interesting blogs to read, and I love having my own blog. I'm always thinking about stuff to write about now and it's fun to figure out how to do all the html stuff (it must be my engineering side)! If anyone has any blog recommendations please let me know!


decor8 said...

Hi Katie!

I'm so glad you found out about decor8 via the Boston Globe and thank you for the lovely mention here. Hope to see you again soon!


Katie said...

Hi Holly

I was so excited to find your blog and I can't wait to read it more. Thanks for the comment.