Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paula Deen and the Carters

This afternoon I watched "Paula's Home Cooking" and it was the sweetest episode ever. Paula Deen went to visit Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, at their home in Plains, Georgia. President Carter gave her a tour of the farm where he grew up and told her about his childhood. Then they cooked dinner together for themselves and Rosalynn and ate on the couch using TV trays because that's what the Carters usually do. They made grits and quail. Paula said, "you have to stir those grits.... now!" haha. The Carters were so sweet, quiet, and funny! Rosalynn was really quiet but almost everything she said made me laugh. Jimmy Carter told really nice stories. I just love his smile. And his clothes! G&G don't even wear jeans. :) Paula on the other hand was as wild as always, of course. She really loves the Carters, and they were so kind to her. I think she started crying at the end. The whole episode was so heartwarming and fun. I really recommend watching it if it's on again!

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Sarah said...

Oh that does sound nice. I hope it's on again tomorrow when I'm at your house! I can't wait to see you.