Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beach Time!

Rafael and I have been trying to go to the beach as much as possible this summer. We've limited ourselves to one day per weekend because I get sunburns too easily. We've been trying to go on Saturdays so I have Sunday to recover before going to work, in case I miss any spots with sunscreen, which can be embarrassing. Like around my left eye or my hairline.... omg. Aside from my mini sunburns we've been having lots of fun! One of our favorite beaches is Crane Beach in Ipswich. It's super beautiful! I think it's a nature reserve so there's no buildings, just lots of beach, dunes, and grass. The waves are small but it's still fun because there are lots of sandbars to swim or walk to. Sometimes they're under the water and sometimes they're not depending on the tide. The sandbars divide the water so some parts are a lot warmer than others. Sometimes Raf and I just sit in the warm parts and relax. Sometimes there are little ponds which are super warm. I think they're kind of gross, but other people seem to like them. (Like Raf haha.) It's so pretty and fun we never want to leave. I think that's how I end up with sunburns. Raf even managed to fit in some soccer time:Then we leave and go get some ice cream!

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Sarah said...

That looks so nice! I hope I get to go with you sometime.