Thursday, October 2, 2008

Purple Pottery

I love these two pieces of purple pottery I bought at the Portsmouth Candle Company a few weeks ago. The Portsmouth Candle Company is one of my favorite stores in Portsmouth, NH. It's a great place to shop for cool night lights, ornaments, tchotchkes, candle holders, incense, and of course, candles. They have a great selection of beeswax candles which are my favorites! I had my eye on this purple pottery for a few years and I'm so happy I actually bought some pieces. I think it's super cool and and I love that it's purple which is my favorite color! I'm sad to say I lost the tags so I can't tell you who the artist is. :( When I find the name I'll add it to this post.
I love this star and moon candle holder. It reminds me of a jack-o-lantern when it's lit. :) I also love this toothbrush holder:
It's decorated with stars, swirls, and stick people. It makes me happy every time I brush my teeth. If anyone is looking for a gift to buy me I'd be happy to have more pieces! (hint! hint!) :)

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