Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scenes From My Walk Home

When it's light enough, I like to walk home from work every day. Yesterday I took some pictures along the way, so here is a little tour of my afternoon commute! Be prepared, it's kind of a long one.

I start out by the TD Banknorth Garden/North Station. It's an exciting place because there are always lots of people around catching trains or going to watch the Celtics and the Bruins. I like the big Celtics sign. I wish I was going to see Madonna. :)
The green line is my alternate mode of transportation. I like the views of the city from the train.
As a civil engineer, how could I not like the Zakim Bridge? So cool. I also like it when it's lit with blue lights at night.
I cross over the Charles River into Cambridge. See the John Hancock Building and the Prudential Building?
It can get pretty dangerous....
....but these guys under the bridge make me feel safer.I really like this park. The trees are so pretty now too!
I like the mall!
The Lechmere stop. This is where I get off the train in the winter. :(
This was a scary picture to take. You can really see the Prudential from a lot of places!
I like the courtyard at the courthouse. It's one of my favorite parts of my walk. I was through here in the mornings too.
The cutest dog in the neighborhood! The owner isn't very friendly so I had to take this picture with extra zoom. ha.
I like walking through leaves in the fall! I know these aren't pretty like maple leaves, but this is the city after all!
This is a cool church on my street. I'm so happy the fire truck showed up for the picture!
Almost home! I hope you enjoyed my tour! :)


Judy said...

I loved your tour - what a nice walk home. Cambridge is looking good!

Sarah said...

This is an awesome post! I would like to nominate it as one of your best ever. The doodle's owner really does look mean. I like the scary picture of the Prudential building and the picture of the green line. So many good pictures and captions. Good job Katie!

el Rafael said...

those are awesome shots! my personal favorites are the ones by the water, i also like all the jokes!

Susan Hillson said...

Makes me want to be there!