Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bonaventure Cemetery

I loved our trip so much and I want to share photos Raf and I took of all of the beautiful places we saw, so I'm just going to keep posting about Savannah for awhile! I hope nobody minds. :)

I think Bonaventure Cemetery was the coolest place we went. It was so beautiful and a little bit scary. It's full of graves/sculptures, live oaks with Spanish moss, palm trees, and rose bushes.The cemetery is along a marshy river which is also cool. You can see it in the background of this picture a little:

I just loved all of the live oaks in Savannah! I took as many photos of them as possible. I might do a live oak post later. :)

I thought this statue was eerie and beautiful:

Fleur de lis or skulls?

And here's Raf and me looking all touristy! :)The first photo in the post below was also taken at Bonaventure Cemetery.


Rafael said...

that place was the just awesome, never seen anything like it =)

Sarah said...

Wow cool! I don't mind if you keep posting about Savannah. I want to see all the pictures. I love those tree pictures. I think the little things are skulls. It's so cool that you went there.