Saturday, March 7, 2009

Savannah Squares

As you may know, Savannah is a city organized around many squares. They are beautiful little parks and we went on a long walk to all of them! We started at Forsyth Park, which is actually not a square, but it is really nice and has the famous fountain: It also has lots of beautiful plants and paths lined with live oaks. There was a chess/checker board is one of the paths:Cool, right? Thank you Raf for the lovely posing! Then we continued on to the squares. Some of them had really beautiful flowers which I was excited to see since it's still going be a long time until we have blooming here:
Unfortunately, I don't remember which square was which because we saw so many! I'm only including photos of a few. Some of them had really cool fountains:
The squares really make Savannah a beautiful city. I kept telling Raf, "It even smells good here!" I think it was all of the plants. I hope you're enjoying all of my Savannah posts. As you can probably tell, I REALLY loved Savannah! Stay tuned for more!


Sarah said...

I like how the flowers look against the green and the gray. I'm glad you loved your trip so much!

Susan said...

I love the picture of the azaleas under the live oaks. Looks like you had a great trip! Good time of year to visit also.